The Beggar and the Buddha

Startup Stoner Chase here. Before we get going I want to let you know a couple things: 1) this blog should probably take you about 10-15 minutes to finish 2) Go smoke something right now 3) Please watch the video before continuing to read on...


The story of the Buddha and the beggar has many lessons. The lesson that I want to focus on is that of the turtle. To let go of comforts to evolve into something else, something better, something stronger, something more capable. Letting go to live the life you desire. 

In the story, the beggar meets the turtle who has been trying to become a dragon for 500 years. Turtle is a perfect analogy for what this lesson is trying to convey (though an actual turtle could obviously never do this). The turtle is a creature, who has a protective shell, that it can retreat into to find comfort. The turtle draws strength from its shell. The shell is what allows it to go out and into the world and to venture safely. To travel and to see things from the comfort of its safety shell. The shell allows the turtle to go out and do what it wants to do without much risk. It allows it to exist comfortably. However the turtle doesn't want a safe and comfortable existence. It hasn't wanted one in the 500 years it has tried to become the dragon. The Turtle wants to become a dragon, to become a legend. The turtle wants more than a life inside its shell can provide it. It wants to be something special. But the turtle can't become the dragon without a change. 

The turtle only becomes the Dragon, once it has the courage to leave the comforts of its shell. Once it does, it transforms into the dragon, and then no longer has a need for its shell. The dragon then flies off to explore the world free from that shell, free to experience life now as the dragon, and not the turtle. 

Before moving forward it to how this applies to all you Startup Stoners, want to make sure that all the analogies and metaphors are straightforward, I want to be crystal clear in the meaning. The turtle is you. Its shell, your 9-5 job you hate, your home town, your Mom and Dad, your friends. The shell is comfort and stability. The dragon is the life you want, the things you want to do but can't, the places you want to explore but never will. The answer from the Buddha is the truth. In order for the turtle to become the dragon, the turtle must leave its shell. 

By now, you must be beginning to draw some conclusions to what I'm trying to say and how it applies to your own life. Sometimes, most times, change is required to find anything extraordinary. 

As you may have heard from one of our podcasts, Brettski and I had our own turtle and the dragon experience. We were working 9 to 5, for someone else, working and stressing about a life that allowed us to just exist. This life didn't allow us to venture and explore and grow in the way in which we desired to do so. So like the turtle, Brett and I, left our jobs, left the stability and comfort of a steady paycheck, to follow our dreams, to start a business that would allow us to venture and explore the world as we not only want to, but need to. Brett and I are on an odyssey, and epic journey to live the lives that we desire to live. Brett and I have a desire to see the world, to meet new interesting people, to learn new things, and to constantly improve, develop, and better ourselves. 

Now the story may make you think that this change can happen overnight. Sometimes, it needs to. One day Brett and I had steady income and a job, the next we were on our own to earn money for ourselves. That doesn't mean, Brett and I didn't plan, didn't strategize, and didn't know what we were doing. We laid out plans, strategies, and goals to set us in the right path to become the legend, to live the life that we wanted to outside of those comfort's; to live as the Dragon. We know this part of the transformation, won't happen overnight. It will take a lot of time, sweat, effort, tears, hard work, and of course endless determination.  

Let me let you in on a little secret, there is nothing that Brett and I have done so far or will do, that you yourself couldn't. If you have a real desire to live as the dragon and you have the ability to lay out goals (and plans on how to achieve them), and I know you do, then you have all the tools you need to become the dragon. 

Now my Startup Stoner reader, it's time to decide. Do you stay content in the shell or leave it to become the dragon?