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Gerald Jenson

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What makes you a startup stoner?

Stoned on a daily basis. I am a startup stoner because I use weed to keep me calm when others have something to say about chasing something that will lead to a dead end. It can be hard to keep your mouth closed when someone has a negative comment about something that means so much to you. Creative focus can be fun if you allow you mind to flow freely from thoughts to thoughts.


Hi my name is Gerald Jenson of GJSEnHD. When I was young I always had the biggest imagination. Even as a child I was into a lot. I loved sports and even practiced with my school football team all summer long in Jr High, but I was drawn more to my creative side; school band, computer classes, choir, arts and crafts, and things of that nature. I felt the urge to believe more than the average child when it came to achievements. As a child you hear that you can be whatever you want to be in life but many people lose track of that as they get older. Other people’s beliefs of dreams being unreachable is what compels me to go on. 

I am from a small town in Louisiana where who you know is hard to meet. I have no intent on letting my journey get the best of me. I enjoy taking the hard road, because when I finally make it to the top, there will be no doubt in my mind of, “I can do this”. I have read many biographies of the accomplished and they all tell about that point where they wanted to give up and just as soon as they made it over that point, things start to change for the better. I kept my eyes wide open looking for that point in my life. When will my sacrifice come? That point is upon me now. My job leaves me no time for my school work or chasing my dream but neither of these will pay my light bill, yet. 

I was painting the outside of the cafeteria at a local college and I started bringing my camera to work and a light that had never been there before just started shining brightly, lighting the path before me. The fact that women love to take pictures and wear new sexy clothes is what prompt me to start my modeling page. Supplying the models with up-to-date fashion that keeps the attention of fashion lovers is what pushed me to get help, (the endorsement thing) because I was putting out too much money for no profit. Realizing that women fashion was just one form of advertisement, that is when I opened up my other pages to product advertisement. I turned all my social media pages into advertising pages to try to bring attention to my visual and to endorsers products. I am teaming with so many women fashions and styles right now because it’s easier to inform the possible endorser that this is not for personal use on myself.

After many years of practicing and sharpening my creative skills of many kind; music,videography, photography, story writing to name a few, I am now a Student at Full Sail University Online for digital cinematography trying to branch out and give my name some weight. This is by far nowhere near a success story. As I said I am just stepping into the deep end, or reaching that point where a major sacrifice is to be made. No sacrifice is worth jeopardizing my relationship with My Lord. I have a long way to go before I see a profit on the expenses I have accumulated, but my path is starting to take form. Though it is getting harder at least it is not staying the same. Maybe soon some of these situations will start to look familiar and I might just have learned what to do from my past that has prepared me to make the right decision.






quickest easiest way to find me on any platform is, #AllWhiteCameraMan one word