Terrell Tarver

What makes you a startup stoner?

Would make me a start-up Stoner is not believing I have to fall into conventional ways of conducting business. Often we are so we must have get a good business plan together, business cards and a website to be productive and competitive and Society. I started up by simply making a decision today I want to start my business.


As I said earlier I got up there by simply making a decision and said I want to be a change agent inspirational motivational speaker to speak to the masses. I know this journey would not be easy so I started where I could, speaking where I could. I face my opposition's and disappointment I was told no a lot yet continue to persevere. Though effaced off positions opportunity still came my way they were not as grandiose as I thought they should be but I learned throughout time that I wasn't really ready for the big gigs anyway. Learning to work my way to earn the respect of others humbled me and put me in a place where now I'm frequently called on to deliver the goods.

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