Jeff Riman

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Startup Stoners is back with Jeff Riman, founder of King Kanine. Jeff is leading the CBD pet industry to new heights and has an unbelievable background that even includes launching an apparel business with the help of Jersey Shore. He is now following his passion helping pets across the globe and even starting a non-profit to give back to your furry friends. Some of the topics covered include:

-CBD and how it can help your pet

-White label CBD cautions

-Marketing/branding a CBD business

-Difference between chasing money and following your passion

One of the most helpful tips was Jeff’s metaphor of the joy of waiting for the wave versus riding the wave itself. Enjoy the journey. Jeff is an incredible entrepreneur and his company King Kanine has been covered by NBC, ABC, CBS, High Times, just to name a few. 

Feel free to email Jeff directly at and his company website: To help give some dogs a better life with a mobility wheelchair, please visit to donate to a wonderful cause. As for the Startup Stoners, please follow @startupstoners on IG and follow our show on iTunes or where ever else you get your podcasts!