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Startup Stoners is out with another, one-of-a-kind episode with the leaders of ECO Cannabis, Kevin Ahaesy and Elise McRoberts. ECO Cannabis is a new luxury dispensary that just opened in Oakland, CA, that offers a truly unique, approachable and curated experience for the “cannasseur” and “canna-curious” alike. What really sets ECO apart is its commitment to supporting the local community through its employment practices: 100 percent of ECO Cannabis employees are Oakland residents, and 50 percent were previously incarcerated. These hiring standards are in line with the City of Oakland’s groundbreaking Equity Permit Program, which aims to help Oakland residents who have been victimized in the war on drugs. 

Kevin and Elise share their personal and career journeys to bring ECO to where it is today, including:

-Social impact that is being done in cannabis industry vs other industries 

-What is needed to make a successful dispensary during such competitive times

-Importance for entrepreneurs to stay positive and persistent 

-Kevin’s path from GE, Oracle, Real Estate to Cannabis 

-Elise’s path from music business (working with Dead and Company) to becoming a judge for High Times in Amsterdam.

You can find ECO Cannabis at

Holiday the Hustla

Holiday the Hustla

On this episode of Startup Stoners, we take a backseat into the journey of an up and coming hip-hop, stoner-music  artist, Holiday the Hustla, as he pioneers the game by combining his music directly into the cannabis industry. Penny Holiday is a Startup Stoner himself, leading his Memphis based label 2Suave Entertainment on national tours and now taking routine trips to Colorado to develop a new brand of purple strains, Purps by Penny. His new line of high testing purple strains is expected to launch in Colorado dispensaries by the end of this year!